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Via Aurelia
Via Aurelia
Via Aurelia
Via Aurelia
Via Aurelia
Via Aurelia

Dolomite Plaster

Via Aurelia

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Via Aurelia’s colour profile is similar to a classic, natural stone—shifting between beige to taupe, with subtle light brown undertones. Via Aurelia is named after an ancient Roman road constructed in 241 BC, which winds across the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian Seas from Rome to Nice, passing some of Italy’s most romantic destinations including Pisa, Genova and Sanremo along the way. St. Leo’s Via Aurelia embodies the spirit of the place it was inspired by—bringing the warmth and soul of the Italian coast to the surfaces it is applied to. This earthy, versatile colour is well-suited to any space and takes on a unique character as the light changes throughout the day.

Product type

Available bucket sizes
10 L, 2.5 L and 1 L

0.5-1 m2/L

12 Kg

Application instructions
For optimal results we recommend 2 layers of plaster and 2 layers of topcoat.
Our application guides are available here

Safety and data sheets
Download our safety and data sheets here