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Rue Alézard

Marble Paint

Rue Alézard

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Rue Alézard sits on the darker end of St. Leo’s colour spectrum. This elegant and versatile hue is characterised by exceptional depth and richness in a warm grey tone. Rue Alézard’s colour profile is akin to granite stone and its moniker borrows from a location in Toulon, France, where dark grey stonework lines a street of the same name. When applied to interior surfaces, St. Leo’s Rue Alézard provides a moody, enticing atmosphere which envelopes the inhabitant. The introduction of light and shadow in the space expands the material’s spectrum from dark grey to black.

Product type
Marble Paint

Available bucket sizes
100 mL sample and 5 L

4-6 m2/L (1 layer)

Application instructions
For optimal results we recommend 2 layers of marble paint.
Our application guides are available here

Safety and data sheets
Download our safety and data sheets here