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Marble Paint


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Admiralgade is inspired by the atmosphere of Copenhagen’s Old Town on a fall or winter day—where the streets, buildings, nearby canal and sky often wear a soft, blue-grey cloak. Established in the 16th Century, the cobbled streets of Admiralgade were once lined with simple homes for naval officers and mariners. St. Leo’s Admiralgade—like its namesake—is characterized by a quiet and humble nobility and its grey shade adds easy refinement to interiors. Like Copenhagen in fall, the colour takes on hints of blue-green as the clouds pass by.

Product type
Marble Paint

Available bucket sizes
100 mL sample and 5 L

4-6 m2/L (1 layer)

Application instructions
For optimal results we recommend 2 layers of marble paint.
Our application guides are available here

Safety and data sheets
Download our safety and data sheets here