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Dolomite Plaster


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Sundkrogsgade is characterized by a sandy tone with a slightly gold-tinted base. It is a colour that provides constant warmth, whilst the surface transitions between subtle peach to bright cream as the light conditions change. Sundkrogsgade is also a street in Northern Copenhagen, which houses St. Leo’s headquarters—finished in Sundkrogsgade Dolomite Plaster—and connects the residential neighbourhood of Østerbro with the city’s harbour and port district. With the potential to bring the sun inside, Sundkrogsgade is a pleasant choice for homes, offices and cafes, and pairs beautifully with blue and green shades—as seen at the very harbour this colour was inspired by.

Product type

Available bucket sizes
10 L, 2.5 L and 1 L

0.5-1 m2/L

12 Kg

Application instructions
For optimal results we recommend 2 layers of plaster and 2 layers of topcoat.
Our application guides are available here

Safety and data sheets
Download our safety and data sheets here